Choosing the Right Expungement Attorney/ Lawyer to Expunge Your Record

Seek an Experienced and Specialized Expungement Attorney, Lawyer

Before you choose just any attorney to handle your case, check if they specialize in expungement and record sealing. Attorneys who specialize in expungement perform criminal record expungement cases daily and can expunge your record more quickly for a lower price. Each court has their own rules and procedures. Knowing these rules from the start, leads to a greater chance of having your record expunged and having your expungement performed sooner.
If your case is in Arizona, California, Florida, Minnesota, New Jersey, Nevada, Pennsylvania, Texas, Utah or Washington, we recommend the expungement law firm - Visit their site for a FREE ELIGIBILTY TEST. 877-573-7273

If your case is another state, see our section on locating an expungement attorney.

Things to Ask An Expungement Attorney

  • - What is their success rate with expunging records
  • - Does the price include all fees associated with the expungement
  • - Does the service come with a money back guarantee
  • - Does the price include answering objections from the DA
  • - Does the price include sending an attorney to court for you
  • - Does the law firm specialize in expungement and record sealing
  • - Have they handled expungement cases like yours

If You Cannot Afford An Attorney To Expunge Your Record

Expungement attorneys are very economically priced because they bring the efficiency that comes with experience. However, sometimes an economical price is unaffordable. If you meet low income requirements, you can enlist the assistance of the public defender or a legal aid society. While this approach may take longer and not deliver the experience or responsiveness of a private lawyer. You can also research how to expunge your record at the law library in your county.

Beware of Non-Attorneys

Some companies offer "expungement assistance", which is really just a term for making you do all the work. These companies are usually packed with form processors and paralegals, both of which are unable to represent you in court. This can be extremely detrimental to successfully expunging your criminal record as they cannot argue your case in front of a judge or handle an objection from a district attorney. This can cost your only chance at expunging your criminal record. Most of these companies have a poor success rate, sell services when the person is not even eligible, and have left many customers angry as they do not offer a money-back guarantee.